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Radionda Ltd

Radionda Ltd - a geophysical research and production company which specializes in development and industrial implementation of the radio-frequency method of geological environment survey in crosshole space and borehole environment. The company was founded in 1992. The specialists of the firm (geophysicists, radio engineers, mathematicians, programmers) developed and applied in industry a number of new technologies for geological and engineering-geological tasks solution:

  • technology of kimberlite pipes search under the bed of overlying strata in Yakut diamondiferous region
  • technology of detailed geoelectrical mapping of crosshole space at oil and gas fields
  • technology of 3D-geomapping of ore deposits, lignite inclined beds; the technology of engineering-geological tasks solution

These technologies are based upon the method of radio-frequency geointroscopy (RFGI) of rocks in crosshole space developed by Radionda Ltd.
The measuring and data processing RFGI system allows to adjust it to specific geo-electric and technological conditions.

Our address: PO Box 44, 32/3 Krylatskie Kholmy, Moscow, 121614 Russia
Tel/fax: 095-415-9655

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