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Crosshole Exploration

GPIKO guarantees efficient investment in repairs and reconstruction of buildings

Formation of the fractures at structure walls is usually an evidence of the beginning of foundation deterioration process and a lack of structure strength which does not allow to take the load and stand the strain. This deterioration is usually caused by the transformation that has taken place in the underlying rocks - either directly under the building or close to it. But it is impossible to study these rocks with conventional geological methods (such as drilling, rock sample analysis, ground monitoring) since the emergency sector is buried under the building and thus is not available. Superficial repairs or capital reconstruction of such a building produce only temporary effect because they are conducted without taking into account the prime geological cause of deformation and usually no attempts to identify and remove it are made.

At present the only method that allows to investigate the underground space (rocks) under the object in order  to determine the areas of deformation and deterioration and localize them in the rock mass is the crosshole exploration - an integrated study of crosshole space directly under the building. On the basis of the acquired data and their analysis the building proprietor and the repair and construction company can make the most effective decision on proper measures for the object preservation and avoid money loss when investing in building repair or reconstruction.

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