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Underground Space Monitoring

Minimization of emergency risks at the design and construction stage

Design of major office buildings, production objects, business and trade centers, laying  of deep metro tunnels, construction of big collectors, underground overbridges and road interchanges, underground garages under the conditions of urban area and high groundwater table, construction in the area of karst development and under strong foundation rock deterioration with corrosive solutions as a result of emergency leakages from heating, storm and industrial sewage systems and water-supply facilities should be based on a detailed study of the entire volume of rocks being involved into construction as a basis or being the enclosing environment for the object of underground allocation.

Sometimes when the object in question is being built on the rock negatively influenced by the city, the causes of the probable construction problems should be sought below the level of standard underground monitoring regulated by the directive design documentation. Besides, even the data of the detailed well core investigations and borehole logging fail to provide clear understanding of the situation in the crosshole space, especially when projecting of a big structure is based on the archival data about the site structure while, in fact, the parameters of geological environment have already undergone a drastic change under the impact of the city.

Special attention and underground space monitoring is required when in the process of foundation work a part of natural rock is removed and replaced with fill-up soil. Its strength properties are quite different from the original rock and in order to increase its strength the fill-up soil is subject to various technological procedures; so in this case it is impossible to manage without geological conditions control under the foundation (underground space monitoring).

Crosshole exploration in the lines of engineering exploratory wells and making of solid (3D) building site model allows to minimize construction emergency risks when erecting the object. If necessary, underground space monitoring can be arranged for the whole period of construction.

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