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Evaluation of Underground Space Reliability

Our investigations allow to reduce realty insurance risks

Protection of buildings and constructions being erected and purchased or used on a long leasehold basis implies obligatory insurance and financial liability of the insurer in case of insured event occurrence, namely, the transfer of the real estate in the hazardous objects category  because of foundation and wall destruction which can happen for various external causes (e.g. foundation rocks deformation following development of negative processes directly under the building; due to emergency water entry to the annular space from sewage, heat & water-supply systems, vibration and shock impact of nearby building and construction works, underflooding, etc.).

To reduce insurance risks it is rational to carry out in advance the engineering-geophysical investigation of the underground space (rocks) under the object and on the basis of the acquired data evaluate the object safety or take into account probable insurance risk at compiling a list of insured accidents and negotiating the amount of the sum insured.

It is true for the work both with the new objects and the old buildings - fully reconstructed or overhauled but still based on the old original foundation, neither essentially modified nor strengthened in course of reconstruction.

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