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Urban Problems

Identification of geological deformation factors (causes)

Geological environment (underground space) survey would prevent house destruction

Moscow has celebrated its 850 anniversary. It's a considerable age but the city seems younger every day. During the last years the third transport ring has been built, new tall buildings appeared everywhere - over Moskva river, on Vorobiovy Gory, in the North-West, along Leninsky avenue. The city centre is also changing: the compound architectural objects of point development were erected in the historical part of the city. However, a majority of buildings in Moscow appeared in the first half of the past century and a great part of them even earlier. They were built in a way quite different from modern technologies and they should be treated with due respect and concern as city veterans.

During the past ages the underground urban area, that is the foundation at which Moscow was built and is being built now, was subject to a great change and is still changing in our days. While the ground part of the city is being constantly renewed, the processes taking place under it at the depth is just the opposite. The geological foundation bed of the city grows older, decays, changes and ruins irretrievably.

The life support systems of the city (heat and water supply systems, sewage), communications (underground lines of power supply and communication), underground transport, etc. in course of their functioning exerts a negative impact on the rocks which forms the natural bedding of the city. On the whole, for the city the impact of destructive factors becomes noticeable after the expiration of many decades (eventually the process accelerates), but for some particular buildings the disastrous effects ensue unexpectedly quickly.

The investors and the proprietors invest considerable funds in repairs and reconstruction of hazardous structures but they make not enough efforts (usually because of lack of the problem understanding) for identification of main geological factors and possible causes of building wall and foundation deformation. But in this case any measures taken by them have temporary and ineffective character.

List of Problems

Unstable Foundation
Consequences of emergency conditions arisen during erection of a new building on the combined foundation
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Soil Settlement
Soil settlement under the house foundation in the area of Tretyakov Gallery (26-28 Staromonetny per.) results in a considerable wall deformation in the arched section of the house
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Vibration and Shock Impact. Trenches
Wall deterioration arisen from realization of building and assembly works in immediate proximity to the old building
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