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About Company

Information About the Company, its Tasks and Objectives.

Production and research company "Geophysical Information Control Systems" (GPIKO Ltd) specializes in comprehensive investigation and evaluation of rock space stability and resistance to negative impact of construction foundations and rocks which form the basis of a structure.

The company fulfills the full-scale survey of the space under apartment and office buildings, industrial projects, bridge abutments, along the routes of deep tunnels and overbridges, under foundations of architectural monuments and historical buildings, during land clearing and engineering communications laying in difficult geological conditions at urbanized territories.

Company Tasks:

Identification of geological factors which cause building and structure deformation.

  • Comprehensive survey of geological and geophysical parameters of the development area and evaluation of strength and filtration properties of the structure foundation rocks. Three-dimensional mapping and study of the rock block (pillar) in its natural bedding within the contour of the projected or investigated object that considerably reduces the probability of problems occurrence during construction, operation and reconstruction of the structure.
  • Identification of geological causes of foundation deformation and change in rock  properties, comprehensive study of underground space to make the reasoned decision on proper measures for reinforcement of the rocks under the object and the foundation construction and prevention of negative process development in future.
  • Evaluation of underground space reliability and resistance to exterior negative impact of the rocks lying under the building foundation that allows to minimize risks of insurance companies at concluding insurance contracts with the proprietors of the buildings erected under complicated geological conditions, having major deterioration and being of historical value, subjected to reconstruction or situated in the areas of point development within the historical center of Moscow.
  • Development of monitoring systems and systems for control of building and structure operational safety.
  • Introduction of the hardware (devices and equipment) for geotechnical monitoring.

Basics for Task Solution:

Our studies are realized on the basis of the equipment and technology of radio-frequency exploration - radio-frequency geointroscopy of crosshole space (RFGI), - elaborated by Radionda Ltd. and adapted for solution of engineering geological tasks in the urban area with high level of man-made statics. Uniqueness and reliability of the solution is provided by integration of independent methods rested on the study of seismic-acoustic parameters of the geological section, which are connected with strength properties of the rocks. These are seismoacoustics, geo-radar study, shallow seismic survey which are executed on the basis of measurement and data processing complexes constructed at Geophysical Department of Geological Faculty, Moscow State University. The crosswell exploration data are supplemented with the results of engineering geological survey, drilling, laboratory testing of rock properties and with comprehensive interpretation of the obtained information.

The technical basis of monitoring systems is formed with the devices and equipment manufactured by SISGEO (Italy). The company is the recognized world leader in manufacture of geotechnical equipment for mining and geological conditions monitoring at construction projects, control of building and structure state in course of construction and long-term operation.

Our experience and capacities can be of interest to:

  • design and survey organizations
  • construction and mounting organizations
  • operating entities
  • proprietors of residential and office buildings
  • insurance companies dealing with insurance of real estate (residential and office complexes) and construction risks
  • proprietors of cottage lots which are interested in evaluation of geo-ecological safety of the territory.
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