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Our Capabilities and Skills.

  • Survey of underground space under buildings and structures;
  • Identification of geological factors (causes) of wall and foundation deformation, building inclination or displacement;
  • Monitoring - control of operational safety of high buildings, bridges, construction trenches, tunnels, big structures, engineering objects.
  • Monitoring equipment - delivery of equipment for creation of geotechnical and operational monitoring systems.

Our partner in creation of monitoring systems, development of equipment and devices for geotechnical control is the SISGEO company (Italy) -

How can our survey serve you?

Awareness makes you armed!

There are a great number of buildings and structures in the case of which it is necessary to possess reliable information about the current state of rocks under them, to perform constant control (monitoring) of critical parameters characterizing their reliability, stability and operational safety. These are many-storeyed housing estates or office buildings, sky-scrapers, covered sports or cultural and entertainment complexes, big engineering objects: bridges, tunnels, dams or embankments, underground structures.

Under the conditions of the modern city the set of negative factors which can cause considerable deformations or destruction of the realty object constantly changes and enlarges.

What are the causes and the character of this process?

Being allocated in the city underground space, urban supply systems (water, energy and heat supply, metro lines, sewerage system, etc.) cannot avoid contact with the surrounding rocks.  These rocks (limestone, clay, loam, sand and gravel, fill-up soil, etc.) serve as the natural basis for all buildings and structures erected by the city or form the environment for all underground and ground works, including construction of metro lines, overbridges, underground depositories, storehouses, garages and similar objects.

The functioning of the urban supply systems exerts a destructive impact on the rocks, especially in case of emergency leakage or emissions, and in most cases it leads to irreversible changes in the rock qualities.

This process predetermines and causes the loss of foundation strength and, therefore, reliability of apartment houses, production or office buildings.

What should be done?

While planning a new construction, repairs or reconstruction of an old building it is necessary to detect the source, the possible root of the existing problem - as a rule, it is the result of the underground rock transformation that has taken place due to the impact of the city.

For the most complicated objects it is recommendable to install devices (a monitoring system) for building or structure monitoring which will allow to control its operational safety and fix generation of deformations, defects in main elements of building units in course of functioning.

Production and scientific company GPIKO Ltd (Geophysical Information Control Systems) offers an efficient comprehensive approach realized on the basis of modern wave methods and high-end geophysical engineering technologies:

for identification of the causes (geological factors) producing deformation of objects walls and foundations;

for control of operational safety of buildings and structures (the object monitoring-control);

for investigation (three-dimensional mapping) of underground geological space:

  • under objects of capital and housing construction
  • at projected building sites
  • under historical buildings, monuments
  • during inspection of engineering services
  • during localization of transformed rock sectors affecting building strength
  • during identification of geological factors of insurable interests and construction risks
  • during evaluation of geo-ecological territory safety

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