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Survey of underground space under buildings and at building sites

Every individual case of generation and development of hazardous deformation of a structure is conditioned by a certain set of factors, causes and effects, so underground study of every specific situation requires a certain action algorithm to be followed.
If we paraphrase Leo Tolstoy's well-known saying as applied to the subject under discussion, it would sound as "all the good houses are quite similar, but every wrecking house is unique."

There is a very limited number of experts (planners, builders and explorers) who have access to the data about research groups which carry out underground space surveying. Practically, no information on the qualification of the experts, their methods and obtained results is available, so it is hard to find a company that does possess a considerable experience in the field and can really help you with your problems.

GPIKO Ltd specializes in solution of non-standard tasks in identification of engineering-geological causes of bases (foundations) deformation, emergency situation of office, industrial and residential constructions and comprehensive survey of underground space. The acquired data allow to elaborate optimal and effective measures (engineering solutions) for reinforcement, control, reconstruction and preservation of the object.

We perform works on

  • Monitoring of underground space directly under the object in question
  • Identification of negative factors affecting the structure integrity
  • Evaluation of performance stability of rocks at the basis of the object
  • Identification of causes (geological and man-caused) for the building deformation
  • Evaluation of reliability of the insurance object in question (hidden bedding defects)
  • Evaluation of geo-ecological territory safety
  • Development of monitoring systems for buildings and structures

List of Services

Underground Space Monitoring
Minimization of emergency risks at the object design and construction stage
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Crosshole Exploration
Guarantee of efficient investment in objects repairs and reconstruction
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Evaluation of Underground Space Reliability
Our studies allow to reduce realty insurance risks.
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Building and Structure Monitoring
Stability control of basic structure parameters and elements in course of operation
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